1991 Formula One Grand Prix drivers.

I dug out an old printout from an ancient Amstrad personal computer, which I remember fondly for its bizarre spell checking results (which you could blindly apply to the whole document). I recall that a future year’s line-up also listed a driver misnamed Pears Macabre (sadly in a team that rarely got through pre-qualifying) who later went on to be the original black Stig on BBC’s Top Gear. Had I become Heston Blumenthal, pears macabre would’ve been my signature dish, served at my Alert Cafe (10).

Anyhow, unless you are completely Inn Capable (16) of Magic Guessing (15) look through the following list and see who you can decipher or who has just been given a funny name. You can check on Wikipedia for those you don’t get.


Using default spelling corrections suggested by Locoscript 2 Word Processor spelling checker (British English)

No. Driver Nationality Team
1 Abortion Seen Bra Milkmen/Hoed
2 Germans Beaker Aunt Milkmen/Hoed
3 Satire Nagging Jab Tyre/Hoed
4 Steady Model It Tyre/Hoed
5 Nice Mangle GO Willing/Result
6 Richer Papers It Willing/Result
7 Margin Bramble GO Bra/Yacht
8 Mark Blander GO Bra/Yacht
9 Mischief Alerted It Footer/Porch
10 Alert Cafe It Footer/Porch
11 Mild Habits Fin Lots/Judge
12 Margin Done GO Lots/Judge
14 Old Gravelled Fry Fonder/Fold
15 Magic Guessing Bra Lesson House/Ill
16 Inn Capable It Lesson House/Ill
17 Garden Tarring It AGE/Fold
18 Steal Joins Swam AGE/Fold
19 Negro Pirate Bra Beneath/Fold
20 Robber Moment Bra Beneath/Fold
21 Emerge Pier It Daily/Fold
22 J J Left Fin Daily/Fold
23 Piercing Margin It Minced/February
24 Given Mobile It Minced/February
25 Theory Boasted Be Lighter/Labelling
26 Erase Combs Fry Lighter/Labelling
27 Alibi Prose Fry February
28 Jean Alert Fry February
29 Erase Beware Fry Load/Fold
30 Again Suburb Jab Load/Fold
31 Pear Mates Chases Pod Colon/Fold
32 Betray Gallon Be Journal/Fold
33 Anger Dead Ceases It Journal/Fold
34 Nicely Lacing It Model/Labelling
35 Erase Van dead Pole Be Model/Labelling